Growing Up Female

Growing Up Female I HAVE WRITTEN exactly one fan letter in my life. It was the fall of 1999, and my new friend Grace and I decided to write to our favorite author — an author we’d seen reading at our school the previous year. Our letter began: Dear Tamora Pierce, we are in sixth […]

The Time of Finance

The Time of Finance THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS has done next to nothing to change the convictions of mainstream economists. But the widespread lament over their willful blindness seems misplaced: there was never a realistic possibility that the economics profession would voluntarily break with the methodological sophistication and statistical formalism at the heart of its […]

From Conflict to Dialogue and All the Way Back

From Conflict to Dialogue and All the Way Back TERRY EAGLETON once remarked that regarding religion as an attempt to offer a scientific explanation of the world is rather like seeing ballet as a botched attempt to run for a bus. Eagleton gestures toward a confusion that often afflicts those who advocate for an essential […]

Occasional Corgis: The Crown’s Canine Politics

Occasional Corgis: The Crown’s Canine Politics “The only members of the party not perhaps completely happy are the corgi dogs, feeling apparently just a little bit out of the picture.” – “Royal Family on Holiday” (1960) I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… Where Are The Corgis???????? I never wonder this more often […]