A New Year Round Robin from Myanmar 2018

A New Year Round Robin from Myanmar 2018 A SUPER AUSPICIOUS Mingalar New Year to dear, dear friends of Myanmar! Jet Ni hesitates to write this, but write he must. 2017 has been yet another year of mad tidings from Myanmar. The most distressing news of the year of course is the Rohingya exodus since […]

Darwin on Endless Trial

Darwin on Endless Trial “CHARLES DARWIN was wrong.” So reads the opening sentence of Charles Darwin: Victorian Mythmaker, a new book by the award-winning English writer A. N. Wilson, intrepid biographer of Hitler, Jesus, Tolstoy, and Queen Victoria, to name a few. Billed as “a radical reappraisal” of a man who “was not an original […]

“The Stamp is Never Neutral”: Vincent Sardon’s “The Stampographer”

“The Stamp is Never Neutral”: Vincent Sardon’s “The Stampographer” “THE STAMP IS never neutral,” Vincent Sardon tells Richard Kraft and Lisa Pearson in an interview translated by Philippe Aronson and included in Sardon’s new book The Stampographer. “It packs a symbolic wallop.” He’s right. Think of judges, cops, customs officials, the powers at the border […]

Reading Bad

Reading Bad IN A DISCUSSION of the TV show Breaking Bad, the critic Emily Nussbaum once pointed out that the character Todd — who saw the show’s protagonist Walter White “purely as a kick-ass genius, worthy of worship” — omitted in his account of the train robbery caper in the desert one minor detail: the […]

What Was Liberal Education?

What Was Liberal Education? IN OUR CURRENT historical moment, STEM disciplines, with their experimental-mathematical methods and measurable results, are central in educational practices, and humanistic education is in decline. At my own elite liberal arts college, Swarthmore, only 15 percent of the students now major in the Humanities or the Arts, and 75 percent major […]

Breaking the Habit of Whiteness

Breaking the Habit of Whiteness IN HER BOOK Race and Popular Fantasy Literature: Habits of Whiteness, Helen Young tracks how whiteness appears, has been disavowed, and is challenged in modern fantasy. The study casts a broad net, drawing our attention to fantasy as a powerful genre founded in fiction but now well established in film […]

The Majesty and the Mystery of Impeachment

The Majesty and the Mystery of Impeachment UNITED STATES POLITICS in the Donald Trump era is a jolting matter: at this point, we can only be uncertain where it will lead. The obvious question is: Does the United States body politic have any redress under a controversial presidency that is unsettling political comity at home […]

Germany’s Parthenon of Banned Books

Germany’s Parthenon of Banned Books  In Kassel, Germany, at the place where the Nazis once burned books by Jewish and Marxist writers, Argentinian artist Marta Minujín built a huge tribute to free speech called the Parthenon of Books. It featured more than 100,000 books donated by the public. [author] 20 January 2018 | 12:32 […]