Awakened: A Hidden Society Series

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Have you ever wondered if the life you were living was buried under a cloud of unknowing, that sort of empty feeling; never really fitting into the “normal” teenage girl mold, waiting for the other shoe to drop. A dark hole filled with all the doubts and questions you know needs revealing. In Awakened, soon to be 16 year-old Grey Corwen learns the answer to those burning yet never ending questions; the answers that will change her life in a blink of an eye. Family secrets bound by history flip her world as she knows it, upside down and then sideways. A simple move back to a sleepy little town turns into the adventure Grey always knew was waiting for her; a roller coaster ride of lustful suspense, mystical endeavors and the ultimate test of one’s sanity.
Awakened opens your eyes to the true world of witches; it is not all potions and spells in fact it’s seemingly normal with a twist. Life in Erving is not what it’s cracked up to be. This town holds secrets, a hidden society with ancient rules and far-reaching consequences that bind family ties. Some residents can move objects with their mind or hear your inner most thoughts; and as for Grey that is only the beginning of what she is capable of. The lesson to learn is be careful what you wish for because in this town anything can happen.

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